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about timeless moments
about the team 

Brittany Woodworth  |  Owner & Operator

My name is Brittany, and I'm the owner at Timeless. Most days you will find me with a top knot in my hair, no makeup on, and always wearing lulu wonderunders (seriously, I have like 15 pairs). 

I can binge-watch a Netflix series like a pro, read an entire book in one sitting, quote every line from 'The Office' & cook a mean stir fry. I (obsessively) love my dog, my boyfriend, my insanely large family, and anywhere that it's 30+ degrees.

My favourite part of working at Timeless is watching the smile on people's faces as they find something they feel beautiful & confident in. As girls, we are SO hard on ourselves - when I get to play a small role in helping you feel your best, that's when I'm my happiest. 

Lexie Jessome | Store Manager, Bridal & Prom Consultant

My name is Lexie Jessome, and I am Store Manager/Bridal and Prom Consultant here at Timeless Moments and there couldn't possibly be a more fitting job for me. Bridal, hair and event planning are all just some of my favourite things.

If I'm not here, you will find me at home with my two beautiful daughters and handsome husband living the Mom life! I love my family and friends and really have a passion for helping others Love themselves.

My favourite part of working here is showing all of you dolls the beauty in you everyone else sees and loves. As women, we are all guilty of being our own biggest critics. I LOVE that moment when you look in the mirror and are truly happy with yourself, that's when I know I succeeded in my job.

AbbEY Carew | Bridal & Prom Consultant

My name is Abbey Carew, I'm a Bridal and Prom Consultant here at Timeless Moments and I honestly don't know a job better fit for myself.

When I'm not at Timeless, you'll find me teaching at the dance studio or in my little apartment that I share with my incredible boyfriend. I can binge-watch a Netflix series in no time, I can tell you about every Drag Queen that appeared on Ru Paul's Drag Race, and if you need a friend to eat endless amounts of taco's with, look no further!

My favourite part about working here at Timeless Moments is to show all of you girls how truly beautiful you all are. There is no greater feeling than watching your reaction when you step out in front of the mirror and see all the beauty that the world sees in you!

Nicole Sandalis | Bridal & Prom Consultant

Iā€™m Nicole, the newest addition to the Timeless family! Iā€™m originally from Sydney but spent the last ten years in the fashion industry which took me around Canada, the U.S and Asia. To say Iā€™m excited to be back home on this beautiful island, surrounded by friends and family is an understatement!

Some of my favourite things are animals, reading, running, cooking, traveling, wining & dining, and laughing until I cry. 
I am so grateful to be apart of this amazing team of girl bosses, meet all you gorgeous souls, & to watch you all shine the moment you find your dream dress!